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It needs not be said that the region of Krosno is one of the most beautiful in Poland. You can clearly see it both in real life and in the pictures in the Gallery. Still, take some time to read about all the interesting things you can do here.

The historic buildings in the area, some of them treasures on a global scale, are especially worth visiting. There are Gothic UNESCO heritage sites, pearls of Baroque architecture in the borderlands and magnificent, lavish residences where the spirit of the old Republic of Poland has survived. There are also atmospheric small towns where problems disappear in the face of eternity, and unique monuments of technology still working despite the passage of time. What is more, you can also experience the exotic face of Poland here, as less than twenty kilometres away from Krosno you can enter the mysterious world of Byzantium, have a look behind the holy doors and listen to the enthralling songs from the kliros.

Do not heistate - discover the region.

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