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Krosno has been known for its rich cultural life for centuries, and it still prides itself on many events, some of which attract worldwide recognition and visitors form very far away.

One of such events is the International Mountain Balloon Competition and the aviation fair Balony nad Krosnem (Balloons over Krosno), organised for many years at the beginning of May. Both events are very popular and because of their international reach are among the most important ones in Krosno.

Another unique event is the Karpackie Klimaty (Carpathian Climates) festival at the end of August, which transforms Krosno into a colourful centre of borderland cultures. For three days, Krosno hosts artists from all over the Carpathians who present their work, and the Town Square is transformed into a feasting hall by the Hungarian Wines Festival organised by the Portius Association. Karpackie Klimaty is a feast for the lovers of music, culture, art and cuisine of the Carpathian borderlands.

In June, it is worth visiting Krosno for the Days of Krosno – the Glass City, which promote Krosno as a centre of glassmaking with long history and tradition. Open-air concerts, feasts and other interesting events are an opportunity to admire unique glass products, which make Krosno famous both in Poland and abroad.

June also brings the traditional multicultural Midsummer Night’s celebration by the Wisłok River on St John’s eve. Apart from the colourful show and floating wreaths of flowers, you can take part in concerts, tasting events, feasts and baking of proziaki, that is traditional flatbread made with bicarbonate of soda. The Midsummer Night’s celebration of 2015 was just like that.

The end of July is a time of another original and exceptionally interesting event under the name Świet(l)ne Miasto, making use of the play on the words “great” and “light”. It is a visually spectacular festival celebrating the regional traditions connected with petroleum and Ignacy Łukasiewicz, who invented the modern oil lamp. Apart from concerts, presentations, lectures and the compulsory feast, an important part of the festival is the artistic happening Rozświetlenie Nocy (Illuminating the Night).

Another notable event is the Krośnieńskie Spotkania Teatralne, a theatre festival organised in Krosno in spring and autumn for many years now. The festival gathers exceptional theatre groups from all over Poland, who present their most interesting productions. The productions are complemented by meetings with excellent actors and directors, as well as exhibitions in the Regional Borderland Cultures Centre (RCKP).

Those interested in alternative theatre and taking the art of drama outside will be interested in the Nocne Teatralia Strachy that takes place in autumn. It is a colourful festival of theatre art, with plays performed in the Old Town, on stage by the glassworks furnace, and in many other surprising places.

Music lovers enjoy two other regular events in Krosno. At the beginning of September, the best blues artists from all over the world come to Krosno to take part in the Galicia Blues Festival. It is highly appreciated by blues lovers and the biggest blues stars take part in the competition. The end of September in turn is when the Krośnieńska Jesień Muzyczna (Krosno Music Fall) is organised for connoisseurs of classical music.

It is also worth mentioning the Z krosna do Krosna (From the loom to Krosno) International Artistic Linen Cloth Biennial organised by the Museum of Crafts, an event celebrating the rich weaving tradition in Podkarpacie. It is another competition on a global scale, attracting artists not only from Europe, but also from Canada, USA, Japan and Israel. The event, with its prestige and established popularity, has a permanent place in the calendar of European and world festivals of artistic weaving.

If, when you are in Krosno, you would like to not only have a taste of the borderland culture, but also just dance or let your hair down to the sound of true rock, check out the even more entertaining events.


fot.: P.Fiejdasz (1,3,5,6,7,8), arch. Urząd Miasta Krosna (2), Centrum Dziedzictwa Szkła (4)