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Stanisław Bergman’s House

Stanisław Bergman’s House is a beautiful example of the eclectic style of the turn of the 20th century characteristic for the houses of many industrialists and artists of that time.

The house was built in the years 1903-1904 to the design of Jan Sas-Zaburzycki, perhaps the most famous architect of the times of the Galician autonomy and author of countless designs, some of which can be admired in Krosno.

What draws the attention is how the two storeys of the building are reflected in its elevations – the ground floor has horizontal stripes of alternating brick and plaster, while the first floor is brick. The building is adorned with a tower, whose top floor was clearly inspired by the solutions and style of the Renaissance. And it is no coincidence – this is where the artist’s studio was located, and he was a student of Jan Matejko. The brilliant battle scene painter instilled in his student the love for historic painting, and Bergman’s visits to Munich and Vienna acquainted him with the latest European trends. He came from Krosno and this is where he decided to settle in the end, becoming a pioneer Modernist and Kapist who did not shun regional themes – suffice to mention only his much reproduced painting of Stanisław Oświęcim at the body of Anna Oświęcim. He also decorated his own house with polychromy, fragments of which have survived.

Bergman’s works can be viewed in the Subcarpathian Museum in Krosno, at the exhibition of work by artists of Krosno from the 19th and 20th century.

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